Stay Mission Bay 50 Point Peace of Mind Checklist

While we always clean our apartments and suites thoroughly between guests, the coronavirus merits taking additional action to disinfect our property and prevent the spread of the disease.

We have used the 50 point Properly Peace of Mind Checklist along with Airbnb Guidelines, which follows cleaning and disinfection guidelines provided by the CDC, EPA, and World Health Organization.  All of our Suites and Apartments are cleaned thoroughly, and we have disinfected our bathrooms, kitchens, and major touch points like light switches, doorhandles, tabletops, electronics, appliances, and control panels. Please contact us if you’d like to know more about how we’re protecting your health.

This checklist will continue to be kept up-to-date as new information about COVID-19 becomes available.

Additionally, we are ensuring there is a two day stand-down between bookings.

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